Thursday, June 22, 2006


It feels good to sit down after standing up for seven hours at work. Today I made some fresh strawberry tarts which turned out super yummy and I also made some little chocolate eclairs and a chocolate cake. Sometimes I think I get carried away. I think I am a fairly good baker and actually I have considered the possibility of opening my own bakery in the future. Before I do I need to take a business class or something and learn about the legal and financial stuff.

The past two weeks I've been watching a lot of soccer/football games on tv, seeing as it's the World Cup. I'm supporting England though I like Argentina a lot. Partner thinks I am a traitor but to me, the Argentinians are a really good team and I like to see their fancy footwork. He thinks they are cheaters and have bad sportsmanship. I think they just play to win, like all the teams do. I think the real reason he dislikes them is because they are what he calls "swarthy" in his most disparaging voice. Technically that means they have dark skin, but actually to him it means (though he won't admit is) that women think they are more handsome than he is.

I'm feeling a little calmer about the dog's death now and not given to outbursts of crying so much. I miss her. She had a cute little pink bare chin and a funny way of talking with her eyebrows. When I came home from work I would say, "Where's my dog?" and she would come running.

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