Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Excuse me while I faint or cry or both. My workweek has expanded to 50+ hours and while I need the money, for five days a week I do nothing but sleep, eat, and work. Literally. Then on my day off I catch up on all the housework, because while I seem to do twice as much working outside the home, I still seem to have the same amount of chores to do at home. It just doesn't seem right. And Partner spends all my money. At least, I don't spend any of it, and I still see food in the fridge and diesel in the car.

I suggested to Partner that for Christmas this year we buy each other things we need, such as a kitchen floor. We still don't have one. I think it's been two years now. Me personally, I want a few things for the garden, such as three bags of tulip bulbs and a cherry tree. I also want some new clothes seeing as I'm going a bit threadbare. I think Partner could use some new clothes too. He loves new socks. Whereas I dislike socks in general and avoid them wherever possible.

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