Saturday, December 29, 2007

I had a fun birthday and Christmas. Partner got me some new art supplies. I think he is hinting I should be working on it more. As a child and teenager I drew constantly, always practicing. Then I kind of gave up because I had more pressing concerns, not the least of which I was afraid of being merely mediocre. I am mediocre. Oh well. I can only improve. Same with my piano playing. I'm not overly talented, I just practiced enough when I was younger to become proficient, not brilliant. I think some people used to have the misconception about me that I was good at everything. It wasn't inherent. I just tried harder than those people. These days, my candle is slightly obscured by a bushel. I don't think people consider me so accomplished any more.

I did practice with my new art supplies today. I painted my nude redheaded woman. She's a subject I fall back on a lot. I'm working on her. I used to do fantasy illustration. Mermaids and princesses were a repeating motif. And unicorns. And roses. I haven't done a good rose in a long time. I looked at one of my friend's notebook a little while ago and was stunned at how much his technique has improved compared to mine. We both used to do dragons but now his leave mine in the dust. Though I admit it's been a while since I've done a dragon.

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