Wednesday, October 01, 2008

While driving home from Ikea the other week I took a picture of a rainbow over the road. It looks like we were about to drive right under it, but the road curved off one way and the rainbow curved off the other way. I've always wondered if it's possible to pass under a rainbow and view it at the same time. I've never done it.

Partner and I both have a week off work and I'm using the time to A) study for my courses, and B) recover from excessive work hours. For nearly two months I've worked extreme hours because all of my coworkers have had time off one right after another and I have been the only one to work the entire time, covering my own as well as other people's shifts. It has been very very hard. But after this week off I will be working four days a week instead of five and I know for a fact that they cannot squeeze 48 hours out of me in just four days. On Monday I started work at 11AM and signed out at 10.30PM. I have been working like that since August.

I may even finish my sewing projects this week. I thought I'd have to put them away until summer break in June, but I think I could finish them if I applied myself. I would love to have my jacket ready and wearable for this winter. I told Partner I'd make him a nice pair of wool trousers, but he'd have to wait till summer break. He told me he'd expect them in summer break in four years time. Which is also when I'm allowed to buy any new video games or indeed start anything new. In four years I'll have a brand new degree and only one full-time occupation.

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Anonymous said...

Really glad to know about you again. Im Octavio, remember me?