Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pheasants and racehorses

This week Franklin and I took my sister and her friend to Brodsworth Hall, our local stately home. We all enjoyed seeing the grand rooms and possessions of the house. During our tour of the gardens we saw these two fine pheasant fellows. They were not as thrilled to see us as we were them.

We also discovered the playground at the Hall. The theme is ships and racehorses, seeing as that's what the original family put their money in; all three of us enjoyed springing on the mechanical racehorses while Franklin watched (with his eyes closed and mouth open) and climbing around the ship's rigging. I was personally a little scared of flying off the horses--they sprung forward and back at an alarming pace--but the two young ladies threw themselves about vigorously, and no one fell off

My garden is now in its first flush of loveliness--time I dusted of my flower vases. I arranged some roses, iris, and daisies on my windowsill; and a jug of lupins and daisies on my kitchen table. Tomorrow I will be brave and unearth some early potatoes. They haven't quite had three months, but I'm hopeful. And so far, we've eaten five asparagus spears. I kind of think that's our lot for the year, but for a first harvest, not too bad.


Kim Zuch said...

Looks like fun! Enjoy your garden! My sister and I used to roam up and down the street in Vernal picking asparagus, then my mom would cook it for dinner.

Gilbrides said...

That's so exciting you have asparagus! Good luck with your potatoes, I have my fingers crossed for you :) I'm sure your home is going to be so fun with all the flowers from your garden! :)