Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nearly good as new, but bad news in the gardening front

After being under the weather for the past month, I'm now mostly back to my normal self. Just maybe not so energetic. I'm working up to it. Partner has been really fantastic, and taking care of everything. For about two weeks he was the number-one caregiver, and Franklin actually preferred his dad over his mama for two whole days (Partner left him with me for a minute or two, and as soon as he walked out the door, Franklin had hysterics)...!

Our long, cold winter--the second in a row--has done some serious damage to my garden. Witness the carnage:Those black strips are indeed roofing felt from my garage roof. And if you are thinking, well, two little pieces isn't so bad. Um. Well. See, there's about 20 little pieces scattered about, and that adds up to one really big piece of roof.
Our fence fell down (again). And that black round tub thing? No idea. I've never seen it before in my life.
Compost bin also fallen over. I can't get it upright again by myself. I'm thinking Partner needs to do it.
This is one sad yucca; yucca leaves are supposed to stand straight up. I think it may have breathed its last. See first picture above to get a real feel for how many leaves it's missing. Oh, and that fence panel behind it? Yeah.

Personally, I'm surprised there's any garden left.

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Gilbrides said...

So glad you are back to blogging! I hope you are feeling better!!! I am so sorry about your garden! I am sure it is so frustrating. Hope you are able to still have a fabulous garden this year.