Monday, July 18, 2011

Jam and cabbage, pictured

I wish there was a way to transmit fragrance over the internet. My pink rose is the most prolific flowerer, brightly colored, and highly fragranced rose in my garden. I have spicy roses, delicate roses, almost-fruity roses; and then I have this one which could knock a grown woman flat with one whiff.

My strawberry jam, batch 1. Technically I made batch 1 over two days, all from the same batch of strawberries using the same measurements. We planned on going back to the farm to pick more yesterday; we drove all the way there--half an hour's drive--and had to turn back around because they had a sign saying they were closed. Not happy. We may not have another chance to pick them, as I have to request time off work specially.

I save jars for future use. My strawberry jam is in ex-salsa jars. Just perfect.

This is my Amazing Supercabbage, after we'd eaten three meals' worth from it. I tried to use Franklin as a size reference. It's bigger than his head. It's taller than his knees. That water on the floor is not from Franklin peeing, but from the cabbage peeing (it had a lot of water between its leaves from when it was washed).


Kim Zuch said...

Great pictures! I'm jealous of your roses!!

Gilbrides said...

Great job on the jam. I am so sorry you had to make a drive all the way out there, to find that the farm was closed. Especially when you had already taken off work. I hope you still get a chance to pick more strawberries for jam!