Monday, October 31, 2011

New and improved life

Strips of our old carpet cover the earth in my new raised vegetable beds: weed suppression.

I divided my lilies and moved about half to the front garden. I hope they like it there. I originally planted five bulbs each of four or five varieties, but I definitely moved more than 25 to the front. I love propagation--especially when it requires no effort from me.

So very busy these past few weeks, but it's all self-imposed now. Cleaning my house, sewing, knitting, art, gardening. Oh and laundry. Before Franklin (BF), I washed it about two times a week. Now I wash at least one load a day, and sometimes more.

There's a lot of things I took for granted BF. Like I always assumed my career would be the most important aspect in my life, even if I had children. Well that certainly went out the window! BF I got to sleep in on my days off, and Partner and I could stay in bed all day if we wanted. BF I could go out with Partner on a whim. BF I never cleaned poo off a shag rug.

And also BF, I never had a person to call me mama; or met anyone who loves to hear me sing and asks for encores; or had someone who is always unconditionally happy to see me; or felt such a deep, fierce love for another person.

BF was good, and I remember those days fondly, but not as good as now.


Kim Zuch said...

I love that picture of you and Franklin! Thanks for the post--I like reading about your gardening adventures and also Franklin's adventures!

Gilbrides said...

Franklin is so big and so handsome!! LOVE the picture of you two! Life as a mother definitely has it's challenges and hardships, but it's also the most wonderful and filled with moments of indescrible joy! So glad you are so happy!