Friday, April 20, 2012

Seedlings, yarn vs cash

My little portable greenhouse is in my house at the moment.  It blows over easily, so the best position for both sturdyness and sunnyness is right inside the sliding door in our south-facing kitchen.  I've got plenty of veg and flower seedlings, with room for another few trays.  In fact, some of these are now big enough to shift outdoors.  I think when the spring winds have died down (around mid-May) it'll go back outside with its cover.

I've been making a little extra cash recently by listing some of my excess yarn stash on ebay.  I bought quite a lot of yarn over time, loved having it, realized I would never have time to knit it all, and painfully put a few up for sale.  Then when they sold I discovered it was actually more fun having the money than the yarn--now I'm addicted!  I've ruthlessly sorted through all my yarns and more than half are in the "for sale" box.  And if they don't sell?  Well, I can still knit with them, right?

Actually I'm crocheting lately.  I had fun dyeing some pale beige yarn into fairy princess pink and have been crocheting a lacy shawl.  It's been a while since I last picked up a crochet hook, and I'm enjoying myself. 

Another project recently completed:  my third skirt of the month.  No photo at the moment (I wore it and now it's in the wash):  again a simple knee-length skirt, but with a different pattern this time.  Photo to follow.

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Gilbrides said...

You are so amazing! I agree that it is addicting getting money :) Great job on all your skirts, they are so fun for summer!