Sunday, November 18, 2012

A few things newly made, planning again

I've opened an Etsy shop.  Right now it's just got a couple things, like these cashmere lined wool mittens. I love making things with cashmere.

Other things made:  a similar pair of mittens, and three pairs of woolly socks for Franklin, which he loves (every time he puts a pair on he singsongs, "mummy made it!  Good job, mummy!").  Also a matching hat and neckwarmer for him, and a pair of felted slippers.  He's got all kinds of woolly things this winter.  And I'm so happy his coat still fits.  The extra length I put in the sleeves paid off!

Reflecting on the past year, and coming year a lot.  I'm making more grand plans for my garden and for my life.  I want to gain income from a source other than my current job by the end of next year, whether a new job, or some other employment.  I feel my talents are a bit wasted where I am now.  As a couple, Partner and I have done very well and paid off a good portion of our debts over the past year.  I hope to continue that trend and pay an even bigger amount in the coming year (the goal is mortgage-free by 2020).  And my favorite unfulfilled goal is to become self-sufficient in vegetables.  I can do it next year, I know it!

Partner and I both have the coming week, Thanksgiving week, off.  We have all sorts of household jobs to accomplish:  I'm hoping we can bring home a load of manure from a local stable, a tree needs cutting down, and we want to check out a reclamation yard for greenhouse building materials.  And we might just have a large turkey dinner one day, too.

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