Thursday, May 30, 2013

Catching up quickly here! 

My blue cardigan is fully knitted, my rag rug is slowly coming together (hand sewing, and hard on the fingers).  Another pajama top for Franklin from a shirt of Partner's in the sewing pile (this one pink and with no sloppy shortcuts). 

I'm doing a mild purge of household stuff at the moment;  first on the list are books:  our bookshelves have gained a little space.  Partner got a Kindle around Christmas and I visit the local library several times a month, so owning books isn't quite a priority as it once was.  However, we've got a lot of books.  I've also gone through my filing cabinet and got rid of a boxful of unnecessary paperwork, and a stack of unwanted sheet music. 

Most of my seedlings and seeds are in the ground now;  the only ones left are melons and a few squash, waiting just a few more days to be sure.  My tomatoes in the garage have doubled in size, but the peppers there are still pretty small;  I ran out of big planters so the peppers are in large pots, though with the same treatment as the tomato planters:  layer of sticks, layer of newspaper, then potting soil.  I also made my first chicken manure tea;  it smells pretty bad--so it must be good, right?

The sprouting broccoli nears its finish, but the salad leaves and cilantro are growing wildly.  My cherry tree is covered in tiny green cherries:  hooray!  And the grass is growing faster than the chickens can eat it, so Partner's had to mow. 

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