Sunday, February 06, 2005

Chapter One, Section Four

Yesterday we went shopping after I got home from work. I do enjoy shopping, even though I rarely have much money to spend. We are planning a vegetable garden for this year and yesterday we bought all the seeds we need.

Our vegetable garden is actually three small plots: two long border plots adjacent to each other and a round plot with a rosebush in the middle. We plan on having cucumber and zuccini in the rosebush plot. The other two will have root veggies and peas, and tomatoes and lettuce. Oh and I almost forgot our little raised bed of strawberries. They were planted last fall from my mother-in-law's runners.

My parents have grown a vegetable garden for as long as I can remember. I liked eating the vegetables but I didn't like working in it. However, as time went on, my father learned new ways of planting a garden using minimal labor. After several years we hardly had much weeding to do; he planted everything in furrows so the weeds grew in the deep furrows and could be easily hoed. Same with watering. He just put the hose and one end of the garden and the furrows would carry the water down to each plant.

Today after work I planted some tomato seeds in a propagator. We now have a little box with a clear plastic lid sitting in our kitchen window and it has twenty four little plugs. Maybe in a few weeks they'll grow into little tomato seedlings.

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