Monday, April 18, 2005

Chapter Three, Section Four

I love my husband very much. I have known him now for three years and we have been married for nine months. I knew from the first time I chatted with him that I would marry him. I love him because:

he is respectful
he is generous
he has learned from his experiences
he is thoughtful
he has a unique sense of humor
he makes me feel happy
he is dependable
he is intelligent
he puts up with all the annoying things I do

The list could go on but I have to say, I think I've just described the ideal man! I'm glad I found him before someone else snapped him up. We have settled into marriage with not too many problems. He's not very confrontational, and I am just learning to confront, so we don't have too many loud disagreements. I just have to put up with his dress sense(!).

The best thing about him is that he accepts me as I am. He doesn't try and conform me to his expectations.

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