Saturday, May 27, 2006

Knock on the wall

My inlaws came to stay for several days and my mother in law did a lot of weeding for me. I'm very glad about that. It's amazing that I can completely raze a bed so it's absolutely bare, and in three weeks it'll be chock full of weeds once more. I don't know where they come from. She also bought me a pink Montana clematis, which flowers in early spring. It's now climbing up a trellis next to our front door.

My sister is here for the next two and a half weeks. Last night we went to the horse races in town and saw about four races. We got to see some of the horses close up and Partner chose two winners, but we didn't bet. I feel a little let down now. We should have gambled a little, if only a pound a race. As it was, the track was very windy and a bit cold though the rain has let up a little. On the way out of the parking lot we got stuck in some mud and Partner and Sister had to push while I tried driving. It took about five minutes or so to get it out. It was in Partner's standard transmission car, not my automatic, and I kept stalling it. But we finally got out and then I drove us home and had a look at the damage. There was mud all over his lovely clean white car. At least if it were mine it wouldn't have shown much, being dark red. We had left before the last race so most of the cars were still parked. I can't imagine what kind of mayhem there would be with everyone getting stuck in the mud.

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