Thursday, May 18, 2006


These past few days have been so rainy that I've effectively been expelled from the garden. This is bad because a few of my seedling trays really really need to be planted out. They need it now, and it's pouring rain and heavy wind and I don't have any rain gear to speak of. I feel a little guilty not going out and braving the weather. Then there's the fact that, well, I've run out of room! I guess there's still room, but all the sunny spots in my garden are already planted up. There's only shady and part-shade spots left, really.

I am hypoglycemic, which means my blood sugar gets very unstable very easily, leaving me in extreme highs and lows as far as energy goes. If I eat the right kind of foods, I don't have a problem, but if I mess up even a little, or get a little careless, it can affect me for days. Things that mess me up include white flour and anything sugary, most fruits, some sweet vegetables like carrots, corn--a lot of stuff I like to eat. And actually, I'm ok to eat these things as long as they are in combination with things that are good for stablizing me such as whole grains, meat, cheese, green salads. If I eat just the no-no stuff, I start to see-saw every two hours and need to eat immediately. What's bad is that if I can't get some good food down me, which happens often since I'll suddenly drop and just shove the first thing I can lay hands on into my mouth, my body just kind of shuts down.

Which kind of leads me to a kind of detox diet I did for two days this week, and am still kind of on. I just ate fruits and vegetables for two days and now today am eating the same, but with whole grains added to the diet. It's not something I'm going to implement permanently, rather it's something I wanted to do to sort of flush out my system. I read that all the chemicals the body can't dispose of get stored in fat, and that even yucky stuff like mercury and DDT can get washed out with a detox/fast. So lots of water and fruit and veggies for me for a few days. The only problem with that is that I was constantly hungry because of my hypoglycemia. I was eating something every hour or so and still just starving. But today I've had some oatmeal for breakfast and it has calmed me down.

I tell you, eating lots of fruit sure is good, though. We went and bought a whole cart of fresh things like pineapple and melon and cucumbers and they're all really tasty.

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