Thursday, September 14, 2006

All in a row

I took some rose cuttings of our favorite fragrant rose this week. I've never really tried growing anything from cuttings but I did research and followed some instructions in one of our gardening manuals and hopefully in a year's time we'll have several new little bushes. I hope. I've been thinking it would be nice to have more roses though Partner says we don't really have room. But I think we always have more room. We have several shrubs dotted here and there that neither of us are extremely fond of, so they could come up and roses could replace them. I was reading Rebecca recently and at one point Mrs de Winter talks about having roses in a bowl. I thought it would be nice to have enough roses to put in a bowl. Though I have enough dahlias; maybe I should get a bowl.

I also planted a bag of daffodils yesterday. I remembered how long winter can be here and how nice it is to finally see some flowers in spring. I thought it would be really good to have enough daffodils flowering to pick them for vases. So I bought three bags of them with 75 bulbs a bag. It took me an hour to get the one bag in. I planted them in twos and threes and along with some bluebells/wood hyacinths that I divided from the front earlier in the year. I figure I can plant one other bag in the back yard and the last in the front yard. And I will still have a few other bulbs to go down: bluebells, blue iris, and snakeheads (I can't remember their real name). And that's not including tulips which I'll put down in November. Maybe I'll get three bags of them too.

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