Friday, September 08, 2006

Begin again

The piano got repaired and tuned. It took the man about three hours to do it and I even had to assist at one point. I made him a cup of tea at the beginning but I should have made him another, it lasted so long. The event took place about ten minutes after I got home from work so I was a bit tired and just wanted to sleep, but I stayed in the room and played my video game with the sound off (obviously). At one point there was a loud resonating ping and the word "balls" was uttered. He had been tightening pegs and glueing them into place so I was worried that one had just popped out; apparently it was actually the sound of a string breaking. So I'll get that replaced in a few weeks when he's ordered it. Luckily it's a bass string, meaning there were two of them for the key; the piano is still playable. And playable it is. I played it for about an hour and a half that evening. I got out three of my favorite piano books: Bach's keyboard music, Mozarts sonatas for piano, and Chopin's selected waltzes. I want to get more Chopin music and other Romantic-era piano music. Sometimes it's good to make a lot of noise.

Today is Friday and I get a week and a bit off starting today. I'm not working till the Monday after next. I've asked Partner to see about getting the week off himself. He has a very good excuse: he broke his shoulder last weekend. At the beginning of the summer he broke his finger playing baseball. At the end of the season he broke his shoulder. We had to go to the emergency room yet again and get more x-rays and get poked more. At one point a doctor touched him in a certain spot and Partner nearly cried and began cursing like he was the devil's mouthpiece. I think we'll all be glad to know that he's not actually possessed by Satan though I've never heard such blasphemy.

So Partner hasn't been sleeping well because his shoulder is so painful. They can't immobilize it with plaster so he just has a sling. I think he should take time off work; it's his right arm and he really can't do anything productive including drive and cook and type. He'd be more secure at home with not as many chances to jar it. Plus he'd be with me for a week. And that's always nice.

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Anonymous said...

I really like Mozart's Sonata in A Minor :-)

Your poor Partner seems very accident prone, poor fellow.