Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Partner found some piano scores online and printed them off for me. I love them. It's always fun to get new music. I wish I didn't have so many other commitments and could concentrate more on my personal interests. Some of these interests are things I often blog about: gardening, piano playing, sewing, and painting. Oh, and computer and video gaming. Love the games. And while I don't hate work, it certainly takes up most of my time; time I'd rather spend doing stuff I really enjoy. Given the choice, I think anyone would choose Really Enjoy over Don't Hate. Still, as a realist, I know that work pays for my pleasure. I couldn't afford broadband, watercolor paper, packets of seeds, and so on, without earning money first. Though it's a little disheartening to see how much money I earn versus how much money I need to pay the bills; there's not a lot of surplus. I guess I'm lucky my pleasures are so cheap.

I cut up one of Partner's old shirts and sewed myself a camisole of it. He'd torn through a few of the buttonholes and it couldn't really be fixed, but I didn't like to throw it out. The fabric is soft and 100% cotton. So I tried a little experiment with the help of my friendly Venus de Duct Tape. I got the stripes almost even. At least, they're even in the back. You can see my tan lines a little in the second picture. Last month in London I got a mighty sunburn. I don't want to be tan and I abhor tan lines; I was hoping it would peel, leaving my skin unmarred. This was not to be. At least I had sunscreen in my facial moisturizer and my face was unscathed. Some people say I'm white, or pallid even. I like to say ivory.

I think I'll fix myself up next time I model a fashion creation. I kind of look like I just rolled out of bed without combing my hair. Which is true.

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