Monday, September 01, 2008

The caterpillars in the garden have literally eaten all the nasturtiums we have. There is nothing left but a lot of forlorn empty stalks. These pictures were taken about two weeks ago when there were still bits of leaves left. I don't think that orange one is the butterfly that comes from that caterpillar, though. I think it's a cabbage white caterpillar. Partner and I witnessed one such white butterfly laying eggs on some of the leaves. Now however, the caterpillars are searching for suitable accommodation for cocoons/chrysalises/whatever it is they metamorphose inside.

I have been thinking about putting in personalized labels in my handmade clothing. Embroidered, of course. I've been itching to get out the embroidery thread. The last time I embroidered was ages and ages ago: a little gold fire lizard on a background of pink flowers. I made it into a tiny bag which now holds my collection of buttons. Meager collection, I should say. I need more buttons. But then I suppose if I got more I'd need a bigger bag. That would give me an excuse to embroider something else. Maybe I'll do something like this passionflower below. It has lovely colors. Our archway is dripping with them and they've grown so far down we have to play limbo in order to reach the back garden.

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