Monday, September 08, 2008

Partner and I went to the dog races the other night. A group from his work met there and we had dinner and watched the greyhounds run. It was seedy and morally questionable, but a lot of fun, to tell the truth. I gambled £15 and came away with about £18. Partner also started with £15 but I think he ended up with about £3.50. I would like to adopt a greyhound. We've seen a few at the local dog home, and I've always been tempted. They are such nice doggies.

Our local hedgehog made an appearance tonight. Partner says he saw it a few weeks ago, but tonight I witnessed it myself. Beauty got a little frisky in playing with it and it gave her a complimentary lip piercing. Silly dog ought to know better. I haven't seen it all summer long; I thought it'd moved on to dog-free pastures. I hope it sticks around. I've been stepping on lots of snails lately and Partner's been squishing the slugs. I'd rather the hedgehog ate them.

We've been eating tons of runner beans from the garden, and the cherry tomatoes are producing modestly. I might make zucchini bread tomorrow. Our zucchinis are pretty good. They are kind of a staple vegetable, going into pretty much anything we cook. The carrots and beets have had a pretty good run. There are still some left, though I admit they are small and probably won't get much bigger. I will probably plant more of them next year. And I found A Huge Mushroom growing in the lawn the other day. I took a picture but I left the camera downstairs and am too lazy to go get it right now. I didn't eat the mushroom as that sort of behavior can kill you. But I admired it from a distance.

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