Monday, November 10, 2008

I've gone into Headless Chicken Mode this week in the rush up to our transcontinental visit. I have three assignments due while I'll be away so therefore I need to submit all three before we go on Friday. However, all of them are long, involved, wordy, researchy sorts of assignments, one for each class, and I'm not even due to begin studying some of the material until the end of the week. So I have to rush to get it all in and get everything else ready, which I will admit, I have procrastinated. The house is not clean. The ironing is not done. The dog is not walked. The dahlias are not dug up. And I wanted to finish a few projects in order to bring them with me.

The worst thing is, I've had an absolutely killer toothache which has kept me up for the last four nights. Attempting to study with a throbbing mouth (and jaw, ear, and neck) not to mention the five-hour-sleep shakes, well, let's just say it's difficult. I went to the dentist today and got some antibiotics and some different painkillers; I think my other ones were making me fall over. Or maybe it was the lack of sleep. Or maybe my infection affected my inner ear.

I don't have any new pictures really to show, but I just took a snapshot of a little bit of artwork I did last week for a friend. I have a built-in webcam in my new laptop and it takes itty bitty photos. My medium is crayon. I have a big box of 120 crayons with all sorts of neat-o colors like robin's egg blue and mauvelous and outer space. I like to draw and then color in my drawing. This friend and I have been working on a big picture and now it's almost done. This is my last addition to it, and it only needs one more addition from her. I hope I haven't spoiled her surprise with this posting...

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