Friday, February 26, 2010

Making new from old

Although most days I have a lot of drive and energy, and want to accomplish deeds both great and small, today is an exception. I woke up with very stiff shoulders and upper back and can't seem to loosen up (am reclining in bed now with a hot water bottle behind my neck). Even feeling so stiff, I would normally have gone out walking with the dog; except it's pouring rain with strong winds. I think I'll just stay in bed.

I broke into my studies for a bit, and did a small amount of sewing before making this decision. And I took photos of my newest sewing projects. One of which is this hot water bottle cozy. I cut up an old cardigan to make it. I have only recently started doing it, but I love cutting up old things to make new things. Other things which I have cut up: curtains, curtains, curtains. Two individual plus a pair of curtains have become fodder for my projects, including a dog bed cushion (not yet finished--I started it only to realize I didn't have enough stuffing), three grocery bags, a baby bassinet cover, and a pj top.

The bassinet cover

Detail from the bassinet cover

Detail from the bassinet cover

Pj top


Kim Zuch said...

I just started sewing and I love it! When I get home tonight I'll post some pictures on my blog. Remember I'm a beginner though...but my pincushions turned out kind of cool!

Gilbrides said...

I LOVE your bassinette cover! You are so talented. I wish I were better at sewing. I've just got to get over my fear and just plunge into doing a few simple projects. I really do have a secret desire to be great at sewing. I think it would be so fun to make dresses for my girls! I'm so glad your little boy has the privilege of having a Mom who can sew!

Gilbrides said...

PS. So exciting only two weeks left!!! That means he could come any day now! I hope everything is going well!