Saturday, February 06, 2010

Opera, and dressing for it

For my homemade deli foods this week I made potato salad and barbecue chicken drumsticks. Unfortunately, neither lasted more than two days. This is my broccoli and cheese quiche--it lasted three days.

We saw Mozart's Cosi fan Tutte last night. The only reason for our attendance: Partner got free tickets through his work (I'm not a Mozart fan; I wouldn't pay for that rubbish*). The best I can say for it: ok singing and orchestra--although Partner insisted one of the instruments was flat through the whole thing. I didn't notice personally, though I did notice the two trumpet players kept sneaking off for a smoke.

*Partner once accused me of buying a Mozart cd. Never! (Ok, I do own one--but I ripped it from a library copy. I swear.)

Earlier in the week he asked me if I had opera clothes. I didn't, but I searched my closet and came up with a stretchy red skirt and a black tank top. A few snips and stitches gave me this new dress which, unlike the previous dress, will definitely last me the rest of the pregnancy; I'll be wearing it to the ballet next month. I suppose if I really cared about the details I would have taken it apart and lined up the stripes in the skirt, but for a half-hour job, I'm quite pleased.

All of the maternity clothing I own I either made or alterted myself. It's true I don't own a lot, and I can still wear several non-maternity items like tank tops, leggings, and cardigans. I've "borrowed" a few of Partner's button-up shirts which look cute over leggings and cinched with a belt. Only whenever I wear one he sighs: "I wanted to wear that today..."

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Heather Feather said...

Love your dress! The colors are fabulous. So far I haven't bought any maternity clothes, we'll see how long that lasts. I love how you stole your husbands shirt that he wanted to wear!