Saturday, April 16, 2011

Progress in the garden, mending skills

I've planted more seeds this week, and pulled more weeds. My potatoes begin sprouting; most in the ground, though in a big black plastic planter, which must be a bit warmer than the ground, my potatoes have lovely bushy leaves. My asparagus bed needs some serious razing, but I'll do it when Franklin's asleep or with his dad--too many vulnerable seedlings close by for stomping on.

I'm so proud of my darning skills. I showed this shirt to Partner, and I'm sure you'll agree with him that the darn is completely invisible to the naked eye. The teletubby pictured was used as a darning egg--a tool to keep the darn as inconspicuous as possible. Po, being slippery plastic however, made an ineffective darning egg.

This time last year, I wanted to garden, but things like sleep, bathing, eating, and so on, got in the way. If we ever have another baby, I'm going to coordinate myself better! This year, however, my baby is very happy to help me garden; by helping I mean A) pulling out seedlings from their trays, B) picking flowers before they've actually flowered, C) finding dog poo and then playing with it and, D) insisting that he can walk on water, so let me on the pond, mama!

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Kim Zuch said...

Nice flowers! ...and you sew much better than I can. :) I've got seedlings of basil, garlic chives and a medly of hot peppers waiting to be transplanted. In fact I should do that today and not make them wait any longer!