Sunday, April 10, 2011


Crunch time for schoolwork. Java class ends in one month, with a final exam in June. From then on, I plan on only studying two classes simultaneously. Three at a time, especially as the classes are progressively more advanced, kills me. My brain hurts.

First priority is Franklin's care, and this takes up most of my day. I find it impossible to concentrate on anything else when he is awake (try mastering probability generating functions while making sure a one-year-old is stimulated, calmed, kept to routine, and doesn't starve, pull the dog's tail, or run with scissors). My next priority is work, which slots in on weekends. That leaves schoolwork to be wedged in where possible--and it jostles for position with Partner time. At the moment, I see more of my school books than I do of Partner.

I recognize the signs of mid-year burn-out. For the Java class, as I'm nearly done, I'm trying to motor through. For the other two classes, I've got till September, and that's ages away. Ages. And after that, another round of fresh classes. Will this never end?

While keeping both eyes on Franklin, I still manage a bit of knitting. I've a cotton baby cardigan on my needles, nearly finished, though slightly wonky, seeing as I paid more attention to him than the pattern while knitting. If not too embarrassing, I'll post a picture when it's finished.

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Kim Zuch said...

Sounds like you're busy! I'm *hopefully* starting classes this fall for a Master's degree in Recreation Resource Management. I've got a class in May for a week to start with and then I have to take the GRE and fill out my application paperwork...even though I'm already technically a student of the professor I'm working with! Backwards as always...but I can't imagine fitting all that in with a 1-year old! Good luck :) !!! (I love that picture you posted!)