Sunday, November 27, 2011

Haircut, roof, turkey

Partner cut my hair this week. I think he learned a lot about cutting hair. Such as to only cut a little at a time, and to take it slow. I wanted it about two inches below my shoulders but it ended up just on my shoulders. I like it anyway. It feels good; he took off a good eight or ten inches and my head feels so much lighter. My hair isn't dragging me down any more.

It also means I can go back to my pin curl set. You read that right: I like to set my hair in pin curls. I love that Rita Hayworth look but it needs shorter hair. Shoulder-length is just about right.

Today I climbed back up on the garage roof for another patch job. Remember the last one--more than two years ago now? Not such a nice day for it this time, but it had to be done. With the wind whipping, I had a few precarious moments climbing on and off the ladder, but all's well that ends well. Partner wants to replace the entire roof with semi-transparent corrugated plastic; that's definitely a summer job. A big summer job.

It being Thanksgiving, Partner, Franklin, and I celebrated very quietly with lots of turkey and pie. In fact, the next day we even had turkey pie--all the leftover veg and some turkey in a white sauce, topped with mashed potato and baked for about half an hour. Partner's specialty, and quite superb.


Gilbrides said...

You are one BRAVE woman! Glad you were safe up there on the roof. Best of luck in getting it all fixed. Seems there are always projects waiting to be done. :) Wow, that's a lot of hair to cut off. Can't wait to see pictures of your new do (maybe even with the pin curls!) Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving together!

Kim Zuch said...

I agree with Kathy! I want to see a picture of you with pin curls!