Saturday, June 13, 2009

Roofs, and (not) falling off them

Because I have had a fairly structured academic year with targets and deadlines, now that it's summer I've felt at a loss as to how to spend my time productively. I don't want the summer to end with a ton of projects that never got off the ground. With that in mind I have written myself a list of goals for the summer, and a specific list of goals for the month of June.

I think I've mentioned in the past that our garage roof leaked in two places. And that we had buckets underneath the leaks to catch the rain. Well, I made it a goal to fix the roof this month, and today that is exactly what I did. The only help I had from Partner was to get the new roofing felt up the ladder, and the underlaying wood shifted. I tacked the new patch down and sealed it myself. Partner doesn't like ladders, and I admit it was a little scary climbing on and off the top bit. But the view up there was quite nice and I am satisfied in my accomplishment. It should hold for at least a few more years now.

Partner brought his camera when we went walking this morning and we found two different orchids. The pink one with my hand in the photo is the bee orchid, and the purply one with lots of flowers we think is a common spotted orchid, or possibly a northern marsh orchid. Anyhow, on further reading we have discovered there are about two dozen kinds of orchids native to Britain. Both of these were quite small, with the stalks no bigger than about four inches; we were so pleased to have found two(!) kinds.

And it is poppy season here, with whole fields gone red with them. I took a picture of our village (our house is somewhere to the right of the tower), and an action shot from the motorway, going about 65-70 mph. I was not driving at the time.


Partner said...

I found a third orchid today. Maybe you can post the picture on your next blog

Gilbrides said...

I am completely IMPRESSED with you up on your roof! A green-thumb, an amazing chef, and handy!! Wow, you are such a fantastic wife!!