Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hoping for hens, less debt

I seem to have lost nearly all my crocus this year. I don't know what happened; I hope they come back next year.

We celebrated Franklin's 2nd birthday very quietly at home with his paternal grandparents. I made cupcakes and the only gifts we bought him were some clothing and a bicycle bell for his push cart. Incidently, he loves all of them. His other grandparents sent him a talking Cookie Monster which he's been carrying around the house all day and even took to bed.

I drew up a design and Partner tweaked it a little, and using mostly reclaimed wood (some bed slats, an old CD rack, a table), we are well on the way to a new hen house. It's about six square feet, is mobile, and I put down my details for an order of four hens today. Hopefully we'll be getting some ex-factory farm chickens; there's a charity which buys hens destined for the slaughterhouse and rehomes them.

I'm so excited that Partner and I got approved for a bank loan to pay off his credit cards. We've had a tough time financially for a few years with me having a few medical issues, plus other difficulties, but have managed a lot better in the past twelve months. We got to the point where we could make a pretty substantial overpayment on the credit card, but the interest was still absurd. Luckily with this loan we have a 2 year payment plan and the interest has gone from 27.7% to 6.7%. It means we'll be saving almost a quarter of the original balance in interest by the time it's paid off. And the payments are lower! Happy! I still intend on paying it off early. I'm confident we can.

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Gilbrides said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Franklin! That is exciting--you getting some hens as well as getting a loan and lower interest rate! Sounds like a lot of fun and exciting things. (The kind of things that really make my day! Funny how these simple things can be so nice!) :)