Sunday, June 24, 2012

Now running (but not the computer), garden harvesting

Traumatically, my computer died last week.  I've partially revived it, but it's functioning on artificial life support, and can't survive without it.  I was very concerned that I'd forever lost all my family photos and videos, my current assignment (due in two days), and my Sims;  I'm not sure which I'd mourn the most.  But I'm relieved to announce the photos, videos, and assignment have all been salvaged and the rescue of the Sims is imminent.

I feel so proud of myself:  I'm a runner.  I started running a couple weeks ago, with the couch to 5k program, and can now run a full 15 minutes at a time.  I like to take my dog Beauty out with me in the evenings when Partner returns from work.  I've often admired Beauty, for her ability to constantly run;  I thought, my body is designed for that kind of action, too.  Running makes me feel strong and empowered;  and my goal is to participate in the local fun run next year.  Maybe Beauty will too.

My new cherry tree has a grand total of five cherries, just turning yellow now.  I tried to drape a net over it, to keep the birds off them.  I think I need more practice.  It's already fallen off three times.
I read that this June has been the wettest in 100 years.  Perhaps that explains the lack of growth in certain vegetables, i.e. tomatoes and peppers?  The cabbages, radishes, and potatoes flourish, however.  *As do the weeds and slugs.  I read that most of the weeds that grow locally are edible to humans.  I'm not sure about the slugs, but I know the snails are, too.  If you're into that sort of thing.    I harvested my first garlic bulb--not quite mature in size, but fantastic taste, and the smell permeated the whole house.  Lucky we love garlic!  My peas also finally have a few flowers.  I sowed the seeds in several intervals, hoping to get a semi-continuous crop over the summer.  The youngest are about six inches tall, and the eldest about five feet tall.  Oh!  And Franklin and I ate the first of the carrots, straight from the ground--soooo tasty.

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Kim Zuch said...

I love reading about your garden! Good job on the running too! You can send some of your rain here... I think I've sen rain maybe 3 times since moving to Nevada. It's really dry in general, but I've heard it's even drier than normal! When I went to Virginia City last week I was SO excited to see some wild flowers!