Saturday, July 07, 2012

Harvesting and planting

Here's the thing.  I can't upload photos at the moment.  I physically have them on a little XD card, but that's where they're staying until my computer problems are sorted.  I've got some photos of a few sewing projects I've been working on I'm looking forward to sharing.

I made a goal to avoid buying vegetables from July onward.  Partner (President of Grocery Shopping), take note.  

I harvested all my garlic.  I could have sworn I planted no more than 60 cloves, but I pulled up 81 bulbs.  I brushed off excess soil and then laid them out on a plastic sheet in the garage.  We had a massive rainstorm which slightly flooded the garage yesterday, but I checked and my garlic was still dry.  

In the now vacated garlic bed I scattered beet seeds and put in another row of peas.  I think I still have time to plant one more batch of peas, and I've got a tiny amount of free space left for them. I also made my first harvest of peas;  I parboiled them in their pods with a few sprigs of fresh mint.  So yummy!

A fifth of my cherries disappeared in mysterious circumstances, leaving me with a grand total of four.  To prevent the others from the same fate, I draped a net and liberally applied clothes pegs to secure it.  When those four ripened to a beautiful bright red, I baked eight muffins, each with half a cherry.  I'm hoping for a bigger harvest next year.

But to make up for it, Franklin and I discovered some wild cherries growing in a little wood in the park.  We found them by accident when we looking for bee orchids and were caught by rain;  we ran to the nearest stand of trees and discovered ripe red cherries.  I picked as many as I could reach and Franklin ate at least half of them. 

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