Friday, July 20, 2012

Lots of photos

Here's my life in photos for the last month.

Here's a bouquet of roses, lupins, hydrangea, laurel leaves and St John's wort leaves. 
I eventually managed to successfully wrap my cherry tree in a net.
I love my vibrant red poppies, but watch out for burned corneas!
First flowers on my runner beans.
And on my peas, too.
My garage wall, with hanging baskets, climbing rose, and ivy.
First garlic bulb was so tasty--and pungent!
I made eight muffins with these four cherries.  Each muffin got half a cherry.
I planted some cabbage specifically for the chickens.
The main vegetable patch.
First peas!  We've been eating them for dinner every other day or so for the last two weeks.
I bought some strawberry plants on special.  10 for £5:  a steal!
My tomatoes are growing and beginning to flower at last, but my peppers in the foreground are still pretty measly. 
You may have noticed a theme here;  the only fun stuff I've done over the last few weeks has been in my garden!  Other not-so-fun activities have included housework (but don't drop by unexpectedly, ok?), schoolwork, and, er, work. 


Kim Zuch said...

Great pictures! So I guess this means you got your computer fixed? Your garden looks great!

Gilbrides said...

Such an amazing garden! Wish I had your talents for it!