Friday, September 07, 2012

Mostly in the garden, as always, and a little on life

This last month I bought two blackcurrant cuttings from the local church sale.  They're not dead yet (that's my measure of success in the garden).  It was my goal for this year to plant another perennial fruit-bearing plant.  Done!

Here's my new flower bed at the edge of my patio.  I have since planted a few more herbs and the lettuce and radishes have sprouted.  I've already decided to build one more right next to the house at the opposite end of the patio--probably this winter.  At the moment, my potted peppers and tomatoes are there and I don't want to move them just yet.  The picture below is from about a month ago.  There are actually peppers and tomatoes on the plants now.
This is where I will build the second brick flower bed.

Speaking of tomatoes.  I have an orange one, and a couple light green ones.  This has not been a good year for them;  but when has it ever been?  If the orange one ripens, that'll be my first this year.  I keep expecting rain, but if this week's sunshine holds out, I may just get that (single) red tomato after all.

I start a new math class at the end of the month.  I also take my current class's final exam around the same time (last assignment already submitted:  woo!).  In the few weeks I have, I'm to cram as much me-time into the evenings, before I have to go back to studying.  I've got a few creative projects on the go (knitting and sewing), and have still been sporadically running. 

When I first started running, I had to stop and walk every few minutes to catch my breath, but now I can just slow down a little, while still running.  It's so cool.  I'm also doing yoga from a dvd--and it's even more strenuous than running.  What's even worse, it's only a beginner's dvd!  Years ago I used enjoy yoga at the gym.  It's fun to be flexible.  I look forward to the time I can reach down and touch my toes again...

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