Friday, September 28, 2012

My day

These days my life is pretty routine.  Every weekday I wake up around 7.30-8am when Franklin bangs my door open and hops in bed with me.  We have a snuggle for an hour (if I'm lucky) or we get up because there's just too much bounce in him.  We both get dressed and then go downstairs and check on the chickens, and Franklin usually reads or plays with toys while I put on a load of laundry and make breakfast.

Breakfast is usually either eggs or yogurt with fruit and nuts.  Sometimes both.  This morning we had eggs scrambled with cream, followed by an avocado and some almonds.  Franklin chose the avocado.  We then go for a walk, usually with the dog, unless it's excessively rainy.  This morning we walked without her to the butcher:  it's a long walk, and through the village, not the park.  Our dog is now 13 and lives a bit slower these days.  She still loves her walk though.

Once home from our walk we normally tidy up the kitchen, doing dishes, wiping counters, sweeping, etc, then prep for dinner.  Franklin sometimes hangs out with me, or sometimes goes into the living room to read or play toys.  I should probably mention we don't own a tv, so neither he nor I watch it.

After the kitchen is satisfactory, we eat lunch.  Today we had some sausages fried up with beets leftover from last night.  Lunch over, if nice we'll garden and play outside, or if not, we'll do a bit of housework (laundry's a favorite) or crafting.  Recent crafts:  I've sewed Franklin a couple pairs of woolly jammies recently from some old men's pullovers, and myself some woolly long johns from the same.  So warm and fuzzy!  I'm a sucker for good wool clothing.  Often when I'm sewing, Franklin will draw or play with plasticine.

Franklin will have his nap 2pm-ish usually, and I then get a chance to sit down!  I usually break out the knitting, catch up on emails, or play a computer game.  It's my relaxation time, and it's the only time I get all day for pure leisure. 

At around 4pm, I'll go back downstairs to start dinner.  Franklin sometimes wakes before then, but usually he'll come bouncing down the stairs a little after.  It's our habit that when I'm busy in the kitchen, he'll entertain himself, and normally we're in different rooms.  Sometimes he'll bring his book in and read to me, though.  He tells the best stories:  "kitty, doggy, baby bear sad...Jiminy Cricket!".

I try hard to have dinner ready by the time Partner walks in the door.  Sometimes we start eating before he's here, if it's past 6pm.  Tonight I made lamb tikka masala with a carrot, cucumber, and tomato salad in a yogurt mint dressing.  We had fresh pineapple and cream for dessert.  I like very much when we all sit down together and have dinner and chat.  I tell Partner what we've got up to for the day, and he tells me about the annoying person(s) he had to deal with at work.

When Partner's home, Franklin claims him;   they like to play football, cars, or other manly pursuits.  I occasionally stay and play, but normally disappear upstairs to start my studies.  I've got a final exam in less than two weeks, but it's hard to stay focused.  I've been going over past exam papers and feel kind of discouraged.  In the past, I've always done worse on exams than I've expected.  I've even come away from exams feeling I've nailed it, only to learn of a dismal result.  At least I've never failed!

After study, and once Franklin's asleep, I like to knit, read, and/or have a long bath.  That ends my day:  it's about 11pm and bedtime!

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Kim Zuch said...

Thanks for sharing! I love seeing what you've been up to! I keep saying I'm going to get back into crafting, but I'm afraid that's going to have to wait until we're all moved in to the new house and totally unpacked! Good luck with your exams too!