Thursday, March 17, 2005

Chapter Three, Section One

I've had a busy past few weeks. We've had a guest over for a few days, I've worked too many extra shifts at work, and partner has been off seeing concerts at various venues. But I think things are back to normal now. I've got a day off at last.

So I'm excited about our vegetable garden. The first rows of spinach and carrots got planted yesterday. My little tomatoes at all about six inches tall now with lots of leaves and are very happy looking. Now I just have to start getting excited about the rest of the yard.

Partner has been digging out ugly shrubs and carting away nonstrategically placed rocks for me in both the front and back yard. I've dug over a few flowerbeds and of course I take care of the roses. We do have lots of roses. I don't have a plan for the yard, though. I just want it to be a relaxing space. One of our neighbors has a fairly well groomed yard, but it's very sterile looking. I don't know if I would call it relaxing. The other neighbor has a tiny tiny backyard full of nettles and dandelions. We actually got lucky; most of the houses on the street came with very small backyards but ours is quite big.

I guess it's because we have extra space from a driveway and garage. The garage doesn't fit either of our cars; partner has it full of junk. It's really kind of amazing because we hired a dumpster/skip for a weekend just to throw out all the stuff in there. And we filled it up. I don't understand where all of this new junk came from. In addition to a garage we also have a little rickety shed. I don't care much for it. Anything housed in there could easily go in the garage. Plus, when the wind blows the shed sags. Plus if it was gone, we'd have an extra space for vegetables.

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