Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chapter Three, Section Two

I keep posting about gardening but that is what I'm most excited about. Plus my house is turning into a jungle with all the little seedlings I've got. The kitchen window is full of tomatoes, carnations, and snapdragons, and the houseplants that were there previously have had to move; everywhere I look there is something green and leafy.

And everything outside is taking off like rockets. We have a lot of flowering shrubs in the backyard, and the pond has been paid a visit by the Frog Egg Fairy. Our neighbors' magnolia is putting on a fantastic show. I'd like a magnolia in our yard. It might be nice in the front. We're one of the few houses on our street that actually has a front yard; most everyone's has been turned into a driveway.

Partner and I are planning a trip at the end of April. I'm not sure where we're going, but I suggested Cornwall and it was received favorably. I've not been there yet and it sounds nice. If we went, we'd be there for May Day. It's a bigger holiday here than in the US; after all, it originated here as a pagan or perhaps Druidic holiday. And it's still a bank holiday (equivalent to a federal holiday, which means the banks and government offices close). Good Friday is also a bank holiday here, which incidently means I'll be getting double pay for working it. It's tomorrow.

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