Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Chapter Two, Section Five

So two days ago I went to the gym after work and lifted some weights. I worked on both my upper arms and legs, for about half an hour. I've never done any weight training before in my life. Now today, two days later, I can still barely lift my arms. My husband remarked last night that my biceps looked big; I had to tell him it was because they were swollen from too much activity. It's not serious, just uncomfortable.

I cleaned out my bank account last week buying new glasses. I should be getting them late this week or perhaps early next week. It's a rare occasion that I get new glasses; I have worn contacts for so long (almost ten years). I used to be so ashamed of my glasses. I thought they made me look so ugly and they were always the cheapest (and therefore least fashionable) frames. Now I can afford to buy designer frames and thinner lenses. My first pair of non-ugly glasses I bought for myself maybe three years ago. They were the first wire framed specs I'd ever owned. I guess my parents could never afford to buy me nice looking glasses; I never asked. However, I'm tired of these glasses, and they are just beginning to be out of focus. And I'm getting a new pair of stylish spectacles that I don't have to be ashamed to wear.

To tell the truth, I've stopped caring about how my glasses make me look. I care more about being able to see clearly. Which relates to another issue: my weight. Last week I threw out all the clothes that are too small for me now that I'm up to a size 11/12 (US). I've decided that they make me feel guilty, take up too much space, and I look silly popping out of clothes that are too small. So when I drop back to a size 9/10, I'll get myself a whole new wardrobe to celebrate. And lifting weights and using the ski machine at the gym will help me get back.

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