Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's the pronunciation

My job is now over. I never have to go back. Well, I have to go back tonight. But not to work. I invited all my coworkers to meet me for a drink there. And then I never have to go back. I'm so glad.

I got a computer game for Christmas this year that I've been playing tons. It's the Sims2. It's great. I forgot how much I loved the sims until I got this game. I love watching them grow up and sometimes I get anxious waiting for them to die. It's fun to make them have nervous breakdowns and throw tantrums and get rejected by the love of their lives. It's also fun to have them succeed in life. Almost as fun as having them fail. I have a whole neighborhood of sims and I'm working on their bloodlines and genetics. I'm trying to weed out certain genetic traits that make for funny looking faces. Only it does take time, seeing as sims just don't grow up overnight. Maybe if I was up all night playing they would.

Since I've moved to England, I've adopted a new pronunciation of my name. My parents call me guh-LAY-dree-el. I call myself guh-LAA-dree-el. AA as in cat or dad. It's kind of a new name without changing anything really. New name, new identity.

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