Friday, March 24, 2006

Zombie noises at night

So far home improvements are going pretty well. What happens is this: husband and his father have a cup of tea. They discuss their plans. They finish their tea half an hour later, get out the tools and then have an argument for about three hours, by which time the project might be half done. I disappear onto the computer or playstation or possibly behind a book and try to stay out of it.

The closet doors have been made and they fit, so today they are getting finished. Or at least partially finished. The room looks so much bigger without the contents of the closet disgorged all over. I was worried that in the middle of the night, the closet clutter would reach out its polyester tentacles and creep slowly with intent to cause severe bodily harm. In the morning we'd wake up and find one of our number covered in loud stripes and polka dots, gibbering for mercy.

Yes, I'm extremely pleased with the closet doors and partner has even plastered part of the bare wall in the bathroom. The floor sander is being picked up today (Friday) and will be returned on Monday. Which incidently is when I begin my new job.

I'm not sure I want to talk about work yet, just to say that I'll be working fewer days than before and have more time off. Well, technically I won't really since I'm working the same amount of hours, but in my old job I worked split shifts which were a nightmare. They took up my whole day. This job is from 7.30 in the morning to 2.30 in the afternoon. So I get evenings off and will be working alternate weekends. I'm pleased about that. And I will work three to five days a week, but more three than five. With four weeks' paid holiday.

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