Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No name no address please

I guess I must be back. I thought I was gone for good but apparently I'm not. Good for me.

I guess I quit writing because I had a sudden upsurge in my work schedule resulting in a noticeable lack of free time. I've been working like hell for the past months and getting more and more stressed but I've given my notice at work. I only have one week left at that job. And then I will never work nights again. Ever. I will work days only, alternate weekends, and I will have time off to pursue my other talents such as writing.

But I don't want to talk about work.

We have a new dog and her name is Lucy. I was going to upload a pic of her, but I can't seem to find it now. She's part Staffordshire terrier and is currently trying to open the door to the stairs by turning the handle with her paws. Lucky for us all she isn't pulling the handle, otherwise she'd have it open. As it is, she's just making deep score marks in the door with her claws and a muddy circle around the handle. She tries to open the closet door for some reason as well. Not sure about that one. There's only coats and shoes and a vacuum in there. But she does like feet so maybe that's it.

One of my friends is writing a novel. I started to write a novel but that was before I had to work so much. Maybe I'll pick it up again in a week. I've just read partner's blog and he's a good writer himself, but I really knew that anyway from all the emails he used to send me. He's been stressed out as well, but I've kind of phased out his stress because of my own. I think I should be more attentive. I wonder if he's read my blog? Maybe I should email the link to him. Thing is, I'm kind of embarrassed that I haven't kept it up. But I have an excuse (or so I keep telling myself).

A lot has happened since I last wrote, but this post would go on for days if I tried to recount everything. I guess I'll just go over what's happened recently.

a) Dog. Has been mentioned.
b) Job. See above.
c) Various Household Minidisasters. We have no kitchen floor, a hole in the bathroom floor, and deep score marks in the door to the upstairs.
d) Money. We had to wait three months after our mortgage was approved to actually receive the money and were nearly reduced to bathing in the pond and eating Ramen every night. Oh yeah, we got the money one week before Christmas. Excellent timing.

And thus it ends, but I think I will be back.

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