Sunday, April 30, 2006

Comes the bride

Not sure why but I feel a bit exhausted this weekend. Like I've been on edge for too long. I don't know. I've been trying some deep breathing and stretches and stuff.

This morning we took the dog for a walk around the reclaimed forested area near our house. Partner remarked how glad he was that we have it. I'm glad too, though I wish it were different. Where I used to live as a teenager had acres and acres of wild land too, with flowers and trees and wildlife, only it was completely isolated and the entire four years I trekked it I only ever saw people out there once. Here it's the town's common ground and everyone walks their dog and/or kids around it and uses it as a shortcut. Now I'm glad we have it because I would feel really unhappy to live in a concrete jungle, but I wish this country wasn't so populated so I could go there and be alone.

On the way back from our walk (it was then about nine in the morning), I stepped on a slug or two on the pavement. Then we planted some gladiolas and stepped on more slugs. I have a few little rows of lettuce planted out recently and I'm hoping they don't get massacred by slimy crawling mollusks. It's amazing what damage a creature with no teeth can do to a lettuce.

Our tulips are finally flowering. Tomorrow is the first day of May and the tulips have only just come up and do they look fabulous. We're the only house on our street with flowers in our front lawn.

Earlier this month partner harvested a glop of frog eggs from the pond and put them into a jar on the patio. They all hatched and we have a pint of wriggly tadpoles with the barest beginnings of back legs. I always wanted to watch them grow from egg to frog when I was a kid but I never did. I think most of the eggs left in the pond got eaten by the fish and any left to hatch have probably been eaten by now too. However, if we keep ours till they grow up they'll be hopping on each other's shoulders to escape soon. But I guess at least one of them will have to stay in the jar, if only because the last one will have nothing left to stand on.

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