Monday, April 24, 2006

For a hot shower

It's getting light very early in the morning and stays that way quite late at night. I had a look out the window last night and could still see the end of the sunset at about nine o'clock.

Partner played his first baseball game of the season yesterday and he's groaning and moaning today. He played rugby as a teenager but damaged his back so he's not allowed to play sports that involve slamming people into the ground as a rule. Baseball isn't very big in this country, but it is possible to play semi-professionally, I think. He plays for an amateur team, however, named the Barnsley Strikers. I think that means they strike out a lot.

Yesterday I got home from work and it was about 60F and incredibly sunny. I was tired but the dog wasn't, so we went out into the backyard and threw her little ball around for an hour. She doesn't actually need me to throw the ball, seeing as she tosses it about herself, but I think she likes encouragement from me. At any rate, I can't leave her alone outside because she'll get into mischief like digging in my flowerbeds and chewing heads off flowers. We're still not entirely certain that she can't jump over the fence in the back. She'll sometimes stand against it and wag her tail, talking to the neighbor dog. I wouldn't mind too much, only there's a bit of a slope and what's a two foot jump over our fence is more like a four foot jump to get back. I remember when I was a kid my dog Pugsley dug a hole under the fence to the neighbor's house where her best friend lived. Pugsley, a Chinese Pug, could just scramble under the hole to play with him but he was a Springer spaniel and about two sizes bigger so he couldn't quite fit.

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