Sunday, April 02, 2006

Free things

Remember my orchids? My best orchid for blooms has been Noname, the white one. She has had continuous flowers since I got her, and usually on several stems. Anastasia Romanoff has since flowered but is back to dormancy, but she was glamorous for several weeks. She's a dendrobium, and the rest are phaelanopsises. I have five altogether and three are flowering at the moment. I generally have three or four flowering at any given time.

Other flowers at the moment include daffodils and crocus in the yard. Our vibernum bush has a few buds, but I nearly murdered it last year with a pruning job gone bad. And the flowering currant is currently flowering. The frogs are finally doing what God put them on this earth to do--that is, multiply and replenish our pond. Partner says Lucy met her first frog this week and he found her at a respectful distance barking at it. He thinks she took a lick and decided not to get too close after all. He made frog versus dog faces at me to make me laugh. He does a good frog face.

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