Friday, January 12, 2007

Fancy this

I haven't been sleeping well for quite a long time now. I went to the doctor and he gave me some pills but I'm not too pleased with them so I don't take them. I think I took them about five or seven times and they just made me all spacey and unable to concentrate. If they knocked me out, I suppose I could manage it, but half the time they didn't.

Our bulbs are just starting to perk up outside. Remember those three bags of daffodils I planted? I believe they are starting to think about showing. I really hope they all come up. I could do with some flowers. I never got my tulips, but there are already tulips down anyway, so I'll still get some this year. Those spring bulbs are the best. Lots of color and shape and they last a long time.

I've done a small bit of artwork recently, though nothing earth shattering. I've done a few sketches and quick ink drawings to try out my new pen and ink set. Partner got me a fabulous set of colored inks and the red is my favorite. It's a great color to work with. I should study a bit of calligraphy too. I've always liked fancy writing.

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