Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nearly here

Partner and I went out for the first time in ages the other evening. We are without a car so I took a taxi and met him near his work then we walked to the pub. I saw some of my friends there and had a good chat. Then we got a bus home. A taxi is kind of expensive so I really never take them but the bus only comes once an hour, unless it doesn't come at all. Which seems to happen quite a bit.

I've been planning my garden for this year with what kind of flowers I want and where. Right now I have a tentative plan for the front yard. There are lots of early and late spring plants already down, plus a few winter-flowering perennials so I will just have to fill in the gaps for summer. The back yard is a different story however, with lots of blank canvas at the moment. All my daffodils are sprouting and some already have heads on them. The tulips and wood hyacinths are just starting to make an appearance but no buds yet. Spring bulbs are really the best.

Partner got me a bouquet of red tulips and a dozen red roses. They are so pretty and cheerful. When the daffs flower I'll pick bouquets of them too but I don't have enough tulips in the yard to pick them. And when the roses flower I pick them but I have never had a dozen at a time. Well I have but they aren't the type to fit in a vase, but the type to climb up the garage wall. I pick them anyway and put them in really small vases with other flowers of the short stem variety.

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