Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just gardening

My garden is starting to wake up a bit with lupins appearing, and shoots on my roses and clematis. I'll have to cut the roses and clematis back so they grow well and don't get spindly. I have a dark purple clematis that interweaves with my white climbing rose and looks absolutely gorgeous. I also have a maroon clematis that hasn't flowered much since I've lived here but Partner says it's young and we should expect great things in the future. And I have a new one planted last year out front which is an early spring flowering one and is a lovely pink. I'm really hoping it flowers this year but we'll have to see. It might be too young also.

My baby lavendars are also not dead yet. I grew them from seed last year and planted some of them in the two big planters next to my front door. I have visions of being able to brush past them on the way in the house, releasing their lovely scent. As of now they're only a couple inches tall but growing. And you should see my forget-me-nots. I planted tons in the front yard and they are strong and happy and have bulbs previously put down growing between them. On one side there are wood hyacinths and on the other tulips. I can't wait for them all to flower.

And I even have a few crocuses--bright buttery yellow ones. I'd forgotten completely about them. I don't know who planted them, whether Partner did it or whether they were here when he got here, but they never cease to amaze. Though sadly what few snowdrops we had last year haven't made an appearance this year.

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