Saturday, February 03, 2007


My crocheted afghan is now finished. I completed it a few days ago and it's currently on the bed but I think it might go downstairs on the couch. I want to do another one and I have a pattern, but I need yarn. So I'll have to wait a bit.

Partner is off playing an indoor softball tournament today. I was invited but I'm not big on softball. And I was up all night with a bladder infection. Early this morning Partner went to the store to get me some cranberry juice which now, three and a half hours later, is beginning to take effect. I don't think I could have managed getting to the store and back without any bathroom breaks. So I'm pretty tired but it's daytime now and it's sunny. I could even venture to say Super Sunny, which begs for gardening. And laundry hung on the line. Not for sleeping.

I got a present from my mother and grandmother and great-aunt yesterday. It was postmarked December 15. When I opened it up (a file-sized soft package), I saw red yarn and was unsure as to what it was. Then I pulled it out and said wow. It is a big handmade yarn bag/purse made of a red sweater with pockets and beadwork and adorable buttons. It was made by my great-aunt, bought by my mother, and sent by my grandmother and I LOVE it. I've never seen anything like it and it is awesome.

I'm still waiting for my movie footage to come, but my dad says it's been mailed so I just have to wait. But if the last package from home took a month and a half, I dread to think when it'll arrive.

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Anonymous said...

Since you felt comfortable to share about your bladder infection, I will share some possible ways to prevent them, in case you didn't know.

Sex and sugary diets are the best ways to encounter these kinds of infections. Make sure partner washes his penis and hands before sex, and if your lucky to having him performing oral pleasure for you, have him brush his teeth and gargle first. Also, if you can, wee after sex.

Hope this helps if you already didn't know this :-)