Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All done

I'm anxiously watching the sky as it gets blacker and blacker, fearful for my laundry out on the line. I think it might pass us by without raining. I hope. Otherwise I'll be making a mad dash outside to rescue my nearly-dry whites.

There are several things I want to get done today: cleaning and cooking for the most part, but I also want to go to town to the garden center and possibly the grocery store. I hate going to the grocery store and I haven't really been there in ages since Partner generally shops for us, but we do need some stuff. I also need to walk the dog but I'm loath to go out in this weather. Yesterday and the day before the three of us went out and I brought an umbrella but needed two hands to keep it over my head. And those hands got very cold.

Partner has been writing music and I'm so proud of him. I think he's really talented. I listened to some recordings of pieces he'd written in college and was really impressed. And I listened to what he wrote down last night on the computer and thought it was great. In my opinion, he should write all the time since I know he's got stuff in his head. He needs to write it down.

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