Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cherry or apple

The dog has been sneaking through a gap in the fence next door to have her daily poo. At least the neighbor on that side has a dog so I'm really hoping he doesn't notice. I blockaded the gap yesterday in an attempt to keep her in. So far it seems to have deterred her. On a walk the other day she found a big pile that looked like it was made by a Great Dane and she peed on it so everyone would know it belonged to her.

I planted up my hanging baskets at last and they look good. I poached some plants from my mother-in-law when we visited the other weekend, plus had some of my own which had sprung up as volunteers from last year. Self-seeding can be great. She also gave me several other plants that she had extra such as a rhubarb, but I'm a little worried: it's really wilted and doesn't seem at all happy. I hope it perks up. Partner doesn't care much for rhubarb but I quite like it; it's so nice to have something edible and fresh from the garden after a long winter. I'm considering asparagus as well, though I think that takes a few years to establish. Still, it would be worth it. And Partner wants an apple tree though I'm leaning more towards a cherry. I know just where I'd put it. I wonder if he'd be upset if I went and bought one?

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