Friday, May 11, 2007


Partner is in the next room snoring happily. He's sleeping a bit better now, and his arm is feeling a little less painful. He got up for an hour or two this morning but then came back to bed. I don't begrudge him that. He needs his sleep.

More than half of my seedlings have been planted now. We have two very long vegetable plots with onions, beets, beans, garlic, tomatoes, and fennel planted. Plus carrots and spinach in two small beds. My herb bed is looking lovely and perky. The roses and peonies that I moved earlier in the season are all looking wide awake and happy. Both roses were in quite shady spots before and didn't really perform well but now they have a lot more sun and room to stretch. And it's finally raining. I think it hasn't rained since February. The ground at the local park has been all cracked; there was a news story about many owners withdrawing their horses from an important jumping event because the ground was too hard and would damage the horses' feet. From an individual's point of view, I've loved the sunshine and warm weather. But as a gardener, I really hope it rains a lot.

Last year I had about 50 cosmo plants but this year I only have about a dozen. I've got tomato volunteers springing up everywhere in my beds. And my zinnias have been very robust this spring, outstripping the marigolds. My dahlia tubers have gone in the ground and I look forward to their return.

We're going to visit Partner's parents tomorrow for the day; we haven't seen them since January. His mother hasn't been well enough to drive up to see us and his father doesn't drive and this is the first time we've been able to actually get away. When we visited in January we took the train. Now we have a car.

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