Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Although it's long gone, I did get a picture of our lone snowdrop this year. Now the daffodils are in their peak and the tulips are just beginning. I also got about ten crocus, a big improvement on last year, though they too are now faded away.

I'm back at work though still mending; I get tired easily and frustrated that I can't do everything I'm used to. I want to go walking, want to do more than just marginal gardening, want to clean my house. But I have to sit down and rest after twenty minutes of even mild activity. I had a vet appointment today and our dog is a nervous type who can't sit still in a strange place so we paced up and down out on the street until it was our turn--for half an hour. I'm completely exhausted now.

This fall we plan on digging up a good portion of the lawn out back to make vegetable beds. This year I'm being very ambitious with my veg; I've already got an overload of broad beans planted and lots of cabbage though I want at least twice as much again. My carrots are just beginning to sprout, so it's time to plant another batch; my rainbow chard is popping out of the dirt too.

And I've got flower seeds now coming up. A friend of mine gave me several packets of seeds I've never grown before and I look forward to seeing them; a few are just coming up now. My sweet peas are in the ground and I'm expecting big results from them, and the geranium cuttings I took last fall are all perky and flowering. Of all the begonia cuttings I took, only one rooted, so I'm planning on growing it big and bushy to take cuttings for next year.

We went to Brodsworth Hall, a stately home, three weeks ago and saw the last of the snowdrops and the first of the daffodils there. I brought my sketchbook and Partner brought his camera and practiced his panoramic shots. For all Brodsworth photos, go here.


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Abe and Tracy Poulsen said...

I am so glad to see you blogging again. I was also excited to see the flowers in your garden, because it's also the first day my daffodils starteed to bloom. I need to check on the tulips. They are getting close.